About AHA

Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA)– also known as Cincinnatians for Affordable Housing– is a group of housing providers, advocates and consumers dedicated to the goal of ensuring good, safe, accessible, affordable housing for all people in Southwest Ohio.

Our focus is on meeting the housing needs of very low, low, and moderate-income individuals and families. This group formed to share the expertise and information gathered by its members over decades of service to the Greater Cincinnati community in the area of affordable housing and to initiate and support plans of action that will further the creation, retention and accessibility of affordable housing in our community.

We are a diverse group of advocates, spanning the grassroots, faith-based, development and planning communities. For a list of our members and advisors, view the membership page.

Membership Meetings are held the Fourth Tuesday of each month at noon at the United Way Building, 2400 Reading Road, Cincinnati. Meetings are open to the public.  For information, contact us.